Citicourt Investments and Property Development

25 Years of delivering successful transactions to clients

Citicourt & Co has been involved in the UK property sector for 25 years and continues to build on this pillar of success by raising funds and advising on commercial and residential property development and management transactions.


Investing in more than just a development.
Our multiple investment approach optimises opportunities throughout the UK, matching investors to appropriate developments.

Property Development

Developing complex sites to maximise return.
Citicourt Property Investments is working on a broad range of commercial schemes throughout the United Kingdom. The company’s team is actively involved the industrial sector but also covers retail, offices and residential projects. The company works directly on its own projects utilising its network’s debt facilities and equity. Joint venture projects and partnerships are set up in order to carry out larger scale deals of over £5m.

A particular focus has been the industrial sector and the emerging technology markets. The team is actively involved in identifying and progressing industrial cluster developments in the south of England, Scotland and the East Midlands.

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