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Jodi Bartin, the firm’s CEO, is also a successful entrepreneur. She joined Citicourt & Co Limited in 2006 as a Director and shareholder where they completed several transactions including advisory, fundraisings and M&A. During the financial crisis Jodi was a corporate broker / sales trader for a leading AIM broker where she helped to form the technology team and then helped to build it to be the leading small caps broker in London. Jodi has an extensive global network in the UK, US, Europe, Asia with extended networks in the Middle East. Following her MBO of Citicourt she is currently implementing a growth strategy for the firm and its related merchant banking initiatives including launching new Funds and a Property division for the firm whilst working with the team to complete successful Fundraising, M&A, as well as Debt and Equity fundraising transactions. Jodi holds a BA in Business and Corporate Finance qualifications from London Business School. Jodi is excellent at working with complex technology companies, complex corporate situations and with SME and mid cap entrepreneurs to seamlessly execute quality M&A and advisory mandates.

Jodi is able to apply her experience by mentoring early stage businesses in cooperation with ESA funded Space Linkers, one of the several boards and advisory boards she represents. She is actively involved in creating space pods, on the buyside, and the merging of UK and European space companies which may have reached the end of the runway and might benefit from being part of a larger group.

Our best-in-class talented advisory board and execution team represent unmatched experience in multiple sectors. We have over a century of experience across a full range of corporate finance transactions including M&A such as buy and sell side mergers and acquisitions, debt and equity advisory and fundraising events, buyside investing and advising / managing funds with both small and large publicly listed or private firms. As a firm we offer this abundance of experience and global relationships to deliver optimal outcomes. We are experts in customised transactions, whether discreetly or through wider processes, tailored to best achieve our clients’ objectives. We have worked with early stage companies, family owned businesses, entrepreneurs, large corporates and financial sponsors in the United Kingdom, wider Europe and internationally, and fully understand the priorities and many of the challenges encountered.

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Space and Aerospace Sectors

Combining our extensive Technology and Infrastructure sector experience, the firm has worked with multiple near and low earth orbit Space sector companies and has relationships across the spectrum ranging from Global Aerospace firms to smaller Space-Tech investors.

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Fintech Sector (including Defi)

Citicourt’s team includes some of the world’s leading specialists in the Fintech sector, with extensive experience in technologies spanning from infrastructure all the way to the rapidly changing Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Sector. We apply our extensive network and deep know how across the Fintech sector to help our clients with their business sale, merger, acquisition and debt/equity fundraising activity.

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Cybersecurity Sector

Our team’s experience in Cybersecurity is unmatched. Citicourt’s team includes one of the world’s leaders in Cybersecurity, who has worked with Royal Dutch/Shell Group, Royal Mail Group, BNP Paribas and the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office. We have advised both managed services companies in the sector as well as complex Cybersecurity technology specialists and apply this experience when advising our clients.

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Industrials and Packaging Sectors

Citicourt specialises in the Industrials and Packaging sector where it holds deep and broad experience across the small, mid and large cap space and has been particularly active in Packaging and Energy From Waste Renewables sectors, with an extensive network in these sectors having worked with firms such as British Vita, Yidiz, ABB, Innovia and Pharmapac.

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ESG risks in the global food sector

Citicourt has particular expertise in the sustainable food sector and is actively providing corporate finance advisory services in respect to firms which are focused on the reduction of global reliance on animal proteins and battery farming of poultry. This global sector spans far and wide and Citicourt’s advisory clients in the space benefit from the firm’s extensive technology sector experience.

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Technology Sectors

Our team has extensive experience advising Technology and Telco clients and has a broad network across the sector, having worked with numerous smaller companies and global corporates such as IBM, NokiaSiemens, Tellabs and Sycamore Networks which was later known as Coriant, Go p.l.c., Bahrain Telecommunications Company (Batelco), News Corporation, GO, Marconi, Wireless Communications and NTL. We leverage our technology knowhow to advise our clients in the Property Technology (Proptech), Financial Technology (Fintech) and Regulatory Technology (Regtech) sectors. We are very active in the AI, Automation and Robotics sectors and have advised dozens of Gaming businesses, Payments and Data companies.

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Healthcare, Telecare and Telehealth Sectors

Citicourt has advised multiple Telecare and Telehealth companies, including those who deliver contact centre services as well as some of the leading technology / device providers to the sector. The firm is at the core of these sectors and very well placed to add value to its buy and sell side clients as the sector consolidates further.

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Sector Agnostic

The team has over a century of experience across most sectors, having worked with companies in the UK, Europe, Asia, Australasia, the Americas and the Middle East. Our team has worked with or held senior management of commercial banks such as Commonwealth Bank, Barclays, ABN AMRO, Santander and multiple brokers, accounting firms and financial institutions. Over the past 3 decades the team has built valued networks and gained deep experience across the full spectrum of sectors, from oil and gas services to the deepest of deep technologies.

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